Expanding my knowledge on social media…

March 17, 2010

Today, I participated in a conference call on the subject – The Next Level in Social Media: Now That You’ve Got It, What Are You Going to Do With It? – hosted by Peter Shankman and Chris Brogan.

I’m a huge fan of Peter Shankman. His site is compelling and I never get tired of learning from his blog posts. It’s definitely on my radar to check at least once a week, if not more.

Brogan was a bit of a different story. I hadn’t heard too much about him before today, but coincidentally, I stumbled across his Web site a couple of days ago and thought he had some good information. After hearing from him today, I know I’ll head back there more often.

The call today centered around the best ways to acheive visibility with social media. Both stressed that while companies need to create content for their social media sites, and they need to listen to feedback, the most important aspect of social media (and what you should spend the bulk of your time on) is commenting and communicating.

Creating a dialogue  or an interaction with the people who comment, re-tweet, follow or friend you is the best way to grow your audience, they said.

Shankman also provided a lot of information on Case Studies about social  media usage. His example of the Capitol Hotel in Historic Little Rock, Arkansas‘ use of FourSquare was a great example of how an emerging social media outlet can benefit B2C corporations (is it just me, or does FourSquare seem to be everywhere these days?!).

The best part about this call, however, was that the two didn’t ignore the fact that there were bound to be some B2B companies (like my current employer, Cincom) on the call as well! More often than not, these calls are interesting, but don’t provide us any valueable information we can implement at work. Shankman and Brogan’s insight into content marketing was great, though – even if they did tell us to write “sexy” headlines … I’m not sure that will be the adjective I present to my product groups when I attempt to provide a valuable headline for their blog posts, I think they’d be scandalized.


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