Are you annoying your Twitter followers?

March 31, 2010

If you’re disregarding any of my top three Twitter Rules then you probably are.

Followers are fickle people. One seemingly insignificant tweet can be the hair that breaks the camel’s back. It can cause them to unfollow you if resentment over what you post, how often you post or how boring your posts are has already grown in them.

While these rules are highly subjective as others may have bigger Twitter pet peeves  – or, as I like to call them, Twitpeeves – I think these three should be added to anyone’s list of Twitter Best Practices.

Rule # 1 of Twitter – Shortened links can be scary. Explain what they are or where they lead people

Rule # 2 of Twitter – When you’re explaining where your shortened links lead, make sure you do so in a compelling way. You have about 120 characters (after you post a shortened link) to grab attention so you have to be clear and very concise as you write what is essentially your link’s headline

Rule # 3 of Twitter – I don’t care how important you think the information you’re tweeting is; please don’t tweet it more than twice in a row over an extended period of time

Want to learn more about the rules? Check out my article in Cincom’s business e-zine, Expert Access


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