Public Relations Specialist – Cincom Systems, Inc.

I’m using WordPress, Press Releases, Twitter and FaceBook to increase sales visibility for Cincom Systems, Inc. I also help copy edit Expert Access, Cincom’s Business E-magazine

Currently, I’m putting together a Web site to feature Cincom’s founder and CEO, Tom Nies. Nies is the longest-serving CEO in the software industry. He is a prolific writer and, with over 41 years of leadership of a global corporation under his belt, has accrued a great knowledge of the industry and the world. The site can be viewed at:

I also helped to develop a microsite for the Cincom Intelligent Business Applications team, which can be viewed at On this project, I was the “wordpress expert” and helped with the technical aspects of plugins and layout. I am also the Web Content Manager for this particular site, working in conjunction with the CiBA marketing manager to populate the site with appropriate articles written by CiBA team members which I edit.

Press Releases:

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